Full automatic colorimeter DRK103C


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Model: DRK103C

Brand: Drick

Product application
(1)Determination of object color and color difference, report diffuse reflectance factor Rx, Ry, Rz, X10, Y10, Z10 tristimulus values, chromaticity coordinates X10, Y10, L*, a*, b* lightness, chroma, saturation, hue angle C*ab, h*ab, D main wavelength, excitation purity of Pe, chroma difference

Product features
(1)5 inch TFT color LCD touch screen, the operation is more humanized, new users can be mastered in a short period of time using the method
(2)Simulation of D65 lighting lighting, using CIE1964 complementary color system and CIE1976 (L*a*b*) color space color difference formula
(3)The motherboard brand new design, using the latest technology, CPU uses 32 bits ARM processor,improve the processing speed, the calculated data is more accurate and rapid electromechanical integration design, abandon cumbersome testing process of the artificial hand wheel is rotated, the real implementation of the test program, a determination of the accurate and efficient
(4)Using d/o lighting and observation geometry, diffuse ball diameter 150mm, diameter of the testing hole is 25mm
(5) A light absorber, eliminate the effect of specular reflection
(6)Add printer and imported thermal printer, without the use of ink and color, no noise when working, fast printing speed
(7) Reference sample can be physical, but also for data, Can store up to ten only memory reference information
(8) Has the memory function, even if the long-term shutdown loss of power, memory zeroing, calibration, standard sample and a reference sample values of the useful information is not lost
(9) Equipped with a standard RS232 interface, can communicate with computer software


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